Collect Nectar points when you get petrol, diesel or shop goods at Dorking Service Centre, and then spend them on the treats you deserve - it's that simple.


If you don't already have a Nectar card, then we can arrange that for you.  Then you can start collecting points with more than 500 great businesses, including Sainsbury's, Homebase, Ford and British Gas.


You can then spend them on anything from shopping to days out - and even flights with Easyjet!


Pick up a leaflet with all the details in-store.

Did you know that you can get together with other people to save Nectar points to benefit your school or charity?


For example, a Nectar account could be set up on behalf of a particular school:

* Cards linked to this account are supplied to parents and friends. 

* These parents and friends collect points on those cards when purchasing from a wide range of retail outlets. 

* All Nectar points collected on those cards will be awarded to the school's account.

* The points can then be saved up and spent for the benefit of the school.

Please ask for details.