Bottled Gas

We have been Flogas stockists for more than ten years.  Flogas incorporates Maxi Gas, Altagas and Shell Gas.


All of the Flogas fittings are the same as the Calor Gas and BP Gas fittings.  Please note, however, that we cannot take Calor Gas or BP plastic Gas bottles in straight exchange for our Flogas bottles.  We have to return empty bottles to Flogas, and they and Calor Gas and BP Gas do not take each others’ bottles. 

There is one type of metal BP Gas bottle which we can exchange for Flogas bottles, and that is shown a little further down this page.



We understand the difficult situation for those who only have Calor Gas or BP Gas cyclinders and so we will give £10 off a Flogas bottle purchase when you bring in the same type of Calor Gas or BP Gas cylinder as the exchange


There is often confusion as to which type of propane gas container to use with a BBQ.  We have two types of propane gas and one type of butane gas available, and an explanation of each type follows:

This patio propane bottle has a push-on regulator with a 27mm fitting.  Most new BBQs, garden heaters, etc. have the push-on fitting and therefore require this type of bottle which is GREEN.

This standard propane bottle requires a regulator with a screw thread fitting.  This tended to be used on older BBQs and is in a RED bottle.

We also stock BUTANE GAS.  This has a 21mm regulator fitting and is generally a white, yellow or tan colour.

We also have regulators and hoses available to purchase

Flogas terms & conditions state that bottle types are not interchangeable, therefore you cannot swap a red propane for a green propane, and a new bottle should be purchased.  At Dorking Service Centre we are bound by Flogas's terms & conditions but offer our customers the opportunity to swap bottles at far below cost price. 

For safety and security purposes our gas bottles are locked away and so a member of staff will arrange access.

Camping Gaz

We now stock Camping Gaz in a variety of bottle sizes.  Please call for more information or see details in-store.

BP Gas

We can only accept the metal canister shown on the right hand side of this picture in exchange for Flogas canisters.  We regret that we cannot accept any other types of BP Gas canisters.


In warmer weather, or for special winter events, we have everything you need to get your bbq going, from bottled gas (see below) to single-use bbqs, kindling, firelighters and a range of charcoal including lumpwood, briquettes, English and restaurant varieties. 


It's  easy to load the bags of charcoal into your car boot and, as we're open 24/7, a last-minute decision to hold a bbq on a fine evening is no problem. 


In-store we also sell fresh sausages, baps and hot-dog buns, fresh salads, bbq sauce, ketchup - and, of course, chilled lager and wine for the perfect accompaniment.


So whether you have a bbq planned, or it's a last-minute event, call in.

Coal & Logs

During the winter months you will find a variety of solid fuels and kindling piled high on our forecourt.  Take your pick between different types of solid fuel and different sizes of bags.  And then conveniently load your purchases into the boot of your car on the forecourt.  (If you need help carrying the bag, then please ask.)


You will usually find offers on coal and logs and typically we stock the following:


Traditional House Coal 10kg


Premium House Coal 25kg

What makes this premium is the larger lumps of coal.


Brazier Multi Purpose Smokeless Coal 10kg


Homefire Smokeless Coal 25kg


Kindling (in plastic bags)


Hardwood Logs (in nets)






Now available in a multi-buy deal.  Please ask in-store for details.

All products and services are subject to availability.  Offers for a limited period.  Images are as a guide and may not exactly match the products.